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Letters to Hope, founded by Jasmin Zaragoza, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and community-based organization that writes encouraging letters to individuals, groups, or communities whom are in times of need. The goal is to motivate leaders at different colleges, high schools, and middle schools to serve the community, and to one day start a Letters to Hope Club of their own. Jasmin Zaragoza, along with her officers, Nav, Sandra, Priya and Jhanvi helped start Letters to Hope at Cal State East Bay. Join us as we write encouraging letters to many around the world. 

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Letters to Hope is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit and community-based organization that writes encouraging letters to individuals, groups, or communities who are in times of need. We motivate leaders at different middle schools, high schools, and colleges to serve their communities, and many more around the world. We do this by encouraging the leaders at these schools to start a Letters to Hope club. With the guidance of the nonprofit, we hope that each student understands the meaning of empathy.


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Officer #1 Name

Jasmin Zaragoza

Officer #2 Position Title

vice President

Officer #2 Name

Jhanvi sharma

Officer #3 Position Title


Officer #3 Name

Navdeep Sandhu

Officer #4 Position Title

communication chair

Officer #4 Name

sandra torres

Officer #5 Position Title

Activity Coordinator

Officer #5 Name

Jewel Carissa Lopez

Optional: Officer #6 Position Title

Public Relations Coordinator

Optional Field: Officer #6 Name

Saloni Patel

Optional: Officer #7 Position Title

Membership Chair

Optional Field: Officer #7 Name

Adam Suri

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Optional Field: Officer #8 Name

Christina Bailen

On-Campus Advisor Name

Diana Firestone

On-Campus Advisor Title

GS Instructor


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Our clubs goal is to grow so that we can give hope, love, encouragement, and faith to those who really need it. We hope that our letters have an impact in people’s lives, and gives this boost of motivation to stay strong and positive. We want our letters to go far, and hopefully in the near future, we receive letters back from people we have written to. Apart from this, we hope that other school's open a Letters to Hope club as well. We have already got two high schools, and two colleges. The more we grow the more we can save lives.

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