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FASA Philanthropy/Community Service Proposals

Joint Statement Regarding Philanthropy & Community Service

One of the most gratifying aspects of fraternity and sorority life can be the sense of pride that comes with involvement in philanthropy/ community service events, which help raise money and awareness for local and national service agencies, and positively portrays the fraternity and sorority system.

The Greek Philanthropy Board are responsible for ensuring that such events are consistent with national, University, and council standards and values. Chapters cannot host or participate in philanthropy/ community service events which include or encourage the following:

  • Possession, consumption, and/or distribution of alcohol or other drugs before, during, or after the event
  • Drunkenness, or being in any other drug-induced state at the event
  • Bashing, degrading, or any other form of unflattering comments regarding or pertaining to another sorority or fraternity
  • Crude or disrespectful behavior, which includes pouring anything on yourself or others, provocative sexual dancing, stripping, etc.
  • Provoking or bribing judges with gifts, alcohol and/or other drugs, and/or sexual behavior
  • Any act, behavior, or event that can be construed as “tempting” of a fraternity or sorority, which includes sending them food, alcohol, drugs, new members, etc.
  • Inappropriate and/or suggestive clothing (e.g., undergarments being visible)
  • Damaging/destroying of other participants’ decorations

Please note that these standards are applicable to all. Failure to meet this standard and abide by the aforementioned prohibitions will result in an immediate referral to the Council’s Peer Review Board.

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