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The Facility Request Review Committee (FRRC) is responsible for reviewing all requests for use of university facilities by university departments, student organizations and non-university entities.  In conjunction with campus facilities managers, the FRRC reviews all facility requests for facility availability, logistical feasibility, and compliance with all university regulations and policies.  The committee will also implement procedures to ensure compliance with university regulations and policies.

Quick Links:

Online Facility Request Form FAQ: The list of frequently asked questions and the answers as it pertains to the online facility request form.

Facility Manager Request/Update: Faculty/Staff can request to be added as a facility manager for a campus facility or add a campus facility to the online Facility Request Form. 

Online Facility Request Review Committee Guidelines: Guidelines that are to be used by a committee member when reviewing facility requests, the approval process, proper documentation, etc. 

Florida A&M University Facility Manager-Coordinators List: The list of facility manager-coordinators that are required to sign off on all facility request associated to the use of their assigned facility. The manager-coordinator's signature is required to be obtained by student organization and/or university department.

Facility Manager/Coordinator Guidelines for Online Facility Requests: Guidelines that are to be used by managers/coordinators of facilities when reviewing facility requests, the approval process, proper documentation, etc. 

iStrike Notifications: iStrike sends automated messages to people involved in the Online Facility Request process

iStrike News Post Emails: The steps for managing the email notifications from iStrike account, email, or text messages. 


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