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Order online & pick up outside the TSC
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:00-5:00pm


SNAC patrons will now order online using this form and then remain outside the building while a volunteer runs their order to them. There will be no in-person pantry visits.

If arriving to pick up an order by car, pull into the University Inn Parking lot. USU Parking has granted free parking in the University Inn lot to SNAC patrons who need to access the pantry during regular operational hours. Patrons will need to inform the booth attendant that their visit is for SNAC pantry pickup in order to avoid any charges. Park in the lot and then call 435-797-1740 to let the volunteer know you have arrived.

If arriving on foot to pick up an order, stand near the University Inn and call 435-797-1740 to let the volunteer know you have arrived.

To volunteer with SNAC please watch the training video (below) and complete the quiz (below). When you have completed the quiz, click the sign up link below and follow the instructions. 

Training video link
Training quiz link
Click here to sign up to help in the SNAC pantry. 

If you are interested in helping out with the Food Recovery around campus (mornings), join the Food Recovery Network portal. Email if you are interested!

In 2010, a small group of students concerned about their peers' access to food came together to found the Student Nutrition Access Center (SNAC). From SNAC's humble beginnings in a trailer at the former USU Trailer Court, to a single metal cabinet, to the pantry that it is today, students have invested countless hours and a lot of energy to respond to the nutritional needs of other USU students.  Today, SNAC is located in TSC 333.

Currently, SNAC offers the following items free of charge to any Aggies with a USU ID card:

  • Nonperishable food donated by the Cache Community Food Pantry
  • Recovered bread, bagels, pastries, yogurt parfaits, hummus cups, donuts donated by USU Dining Services
  • Fresh vegetables from the USU Student Organic Farm and the Utah Conservation Corps
  • New this semester-- fresh eggs, thanks to one-time funding from USUSA!

There are many ways to volunteer!

1. Volunteer to help staff the SNAC pantry. Volunteers keep the pantry tidy, scan SNAC patrons' ID cards, and answer questions.

2. Volunteer with the Food Recovery Network to gather unsold food from USU Dining locations every morning. These volunteers then sort and repackage the recovered food so students can conveniently take bread and refrigerator items home.

Portal Information


Known as SNAC, provides canned and recovered food to students for free.


Social Justice & Environment

Does your service activity occur on-campus or off-campus?


Contact Name

McKenna Smith

Contact Title


Contact Email
Contact Phone


Organization Goals and/or Mission

Please list your goals for the next year

To help Students get access to food! and give back to the community.

What types of events do you hold?

(For example: social, service, brotherhood/sisterhood, leadership, physical/fitness, etc.)

Service, social and events!

What type of activities can volunteers expect to help with?

Volunteering at the food pantry on campus
Restocking the food pantry