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New Organization Instructions - Fall 2016

Registration for new and continuing organizations will start on Monday, Sept 19 at 12noon.  All online form material must be submitted by Friday, October 7 at 5pm.  You can only register during the indicated time period.

Things to know before you register a new organization

  • Before you start a new Registered Campus Organization (RCO), it is best to check out the existing organizations to be sure that we do not already have something similar. Click here to search for current groups on campus.
  • You will need 3 signatories (yourself and two others) to be the authorized representatives of the organization. Signatories can be any current UCLA student, faculty, or staff person.
  • All signatories must attend a New Org Workshop at Day O' SOLE on 10.14.16 in the Pauley Pavilion Club Student leaders and their organizations can kick-start their year at Day O’ SOLE on Friday, October 14, 2016.

At Day O' Sole you will meet and learn from other student leaders. Get to know staff from SOLE and other departments who can be helpful to your organization. Gain the tools, information, resources you need to make this a successful year.

There will be lots of food, prizes, entertainment. Come join the fun!

NOTE: UCLA cannot be used in your organization's name except to indicate geographic location (i.e. xyz club at UCLA).

  • All three signatories must have an OrgSync account before registration or they can’t be signatories.  You will use your UCLA logon to sign-in and create your OrgSync account.  In your OrgSync profile, you should check the listed email address to be sure it is the one you check most frequently.  It will need to be listed in your registration form.
  • Signatories cannot use an email like “” for joining OrgSync or for RCO signatory purposes.  You must use your own email address.

NOTE: Your organization's name will be reviewed if could cause confusion with an existing organization or program.

  • Campus policy that indicates that "Registered Campus Organizations do not operate as official University units, nor are their activities directed or controlled by the University. Activities of such organizations are merely facilitated by the University (including ASUCLA) and no implication should be made that the University sponsors either the organization or its activities."

NOTE: You will need to create a constitution for your organization.  Go here for requirements of the constitution.

For you new group to be approved, complete all the 3 steps.

You cannot start the process until the registration period opens at 12noon.

Step 1 – “Register New Organization” (1 Person does this)


  • Find “Register New Organization” (Upper Right-side)



  • On the “Where do you want to create this Organization” page select “UCLA Student Life” and hit select


  • Fill out the basic profile, additional information, and additional information – page 2.  Use the e-mail associated with your OrgSync account.
    • To check what email address is listed check your OrgSync profile (Name on upper right menu bar).
    • Do NOT use an e-mail address that others have used before like
    • NOTE: UCLA cannot be used in your organization's name except to indicate geographic location (i.e. xyz club at UCLA).
  • Be sure to log off of OrgSync before you go to step 2.


  • You will need to input the names, Bruin ID numbers and e-mail address of the (3) three people that will be signatories.
  • You must upload a constitution to complete this step – click here for help creating the constitution.
  • Once submitted, you are done with Step 1:

Step 2 “Your Approval is Needed” (All 3 signatories must complete this part)

  • Each of the designated signatories will be sent an e-mail via OrgSync stating “Your Approval is Needed”. It will have a link to verify the information submitted in Step 1.
  • Click on “submit review” when you are done. When you see “You have approved this request” – then you are done!
  • Once all 3 signatories verify the information, SOLE will review your submission.
  • Steps 1 & 2 must be completed before the registration deadline.

*Steps 1 & 2 must be completed by 5pm on Friday, October 7, 2016.

Step 3 - Signatories must attend one of the "New Campus Orgs " workshop at Day O' SOLE on Friday, October 14th.

Finally -

  • Once all three parts are completed, you will be contacted by a SOLE advisor regarding the review and approval of your new RCO.
  • To check if your registration has been approved, do the following:
    • Login to OrgSync
    • Go to your name on the upper right menu bar
    • Click and select "Activities"
    • On the left menu bar, select "Registration and Renewals"
    • Look for your submitted request.
      • Pending means that your organization has NOT completed Steps 1 & 2
      • Deferred mean that your organization has completed Step 1 & 2 but must still attend a New Org Workshop (Step 3).
      • Approved means your organization has been approved and registered for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Now that you read through the instructions, register your group.  Click here to get started!

If you need to make changes to or check the status of your organization’s registration

* Hint - Made a mistake on your registration form? No problem, you can edit the form by doing the following:

  • Login to OrgSync
  • Go to your name on the upper right menu bar
  • Click and select "Activities"
  • On the left menu bar, select "Registration and Renewals"
    • If the request has not been approved, you will be able to make edits by clicking on the wrench looking tool

*Hint-you can use this method to check other forms you submitted via OrgSync as well. Just click on the "Forms"