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Welcome to the Black Undergraduate Law Society at Arizona State University!

Law school is not easy, even the process for applying to law school can be tremendously difficult and a rigorous task. For some students going through this application process alone, law school may seem impossible and unachievable. We are all aware of the numerous horror stories highlighting the immense difficulty of the LSAT, the stress accompanied with studying for the LSAT or the more stress inducing fear of not knowing how to study for the LSAT. The Black Undergraduate Law Society (BULS) seeks to mediate these fears and stress triggers associated with the LSAT and the application process, while also assisting students of color develop stronger foundations for going into law school or any law field. Here are some additional reasons to join the Black Undergraduate Law Society at Arizona State University:

  • We are open to all ASU students and all majors/fields of study, we look forward to developing a community of academically diverse students united in their pursuit of attending law school.
  • We provide opportunities for mentorships and networking with peers, ASU alumni, and numerous legal professionals.
  • The legal field itself is a diverse field offering many different career paths in law, the BULS seeks to explore these individual fields so you may find which path of law appeals to you.
  • Although this organization is geared towards students who identify as African-American and/or of African descent, the BULS accepts any/all students regardless of race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age, and disability.

What we do:
We host several events focused on building leadership and professional skills that will help students during and after college. We partner with LSAT Prep Companies to provide studying materials and strategies alongside a free full-length practice LSAT. We also provide the opportunity to engage with lawyers, law school admissions officers, current law students, and professors from the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law.

We provide holistic programming at the university level to enhance the skills and assist in the retention of African American students interested in law

As a member, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet other students with similar interest in law
  • Develop relationships with mentors
  • Network with professionals in the law field
  • Take full length practice LSAT for FREE
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Prepare for law school

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A professional society at Arizona State University for students of African descent who are dedicated to pursuing a degree and/or career in law.



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Daveon Lilly

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Krystal Anigwe

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Calvin Carson

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Myles Lynk


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Professor of Law Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law


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