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Schedule a SOAP Office Assessment to Improve Your Sustainability!

Welcome to SOAP, a program dedicated to improving office sustainability on our campus! The Sustainable Office Assessment Program reviews current office practices and offers recommendations for improvements towards sustainability. Become SOAP certified and receive an office plant for participating!

Fill out a SOAP Office Assessment Request form if you would like to participate in a SOAP Office Assessment with a member of the SOAP team! The request form can be found here:


Portal Information


The Sustainable Office Assessment Program (SOAP) is a student-led program created to make Cal State East Bay a more sustainable place. SOAP conducts short office walkthroughs, reviews current office sustainability practices, and then provides recommendations for the office to become more sustainable. Once offices have completed an assessment they will become SOAP certified and will receive a certificate with their sustainability ranking. Offices can become certified again with a higher SOAP sustainability ranking if they complete the recommended improvements.

The five areas that SOAP focuses on includes: Energy, Waste Management, Food & Packaged Goods, Employee Wellness, and Transportation.

The goals of SOAP are to promote the use of sustainable practices in the office environment while also engaging staff and faculty in sustainability by creating a competitive yet collaborative environment. Through SOAP, we hope to not only fulfill existing sustainable goals and tasks, but also to encourage others to become more involved in sustainability. By working together we can build a greener more sustainable campus for current and future staff and students.


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Selection process/membership requirements

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Every Student, Staff, and Faculty member are able to join.

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Julie Shahan

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Officer #2 Name

Karan Monga

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Officer #3 Name

Jason Ross

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Officer #4 Name

Melissa Szeto

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Officer #5 Name

Robyn Perry

On-Campus Advisor Name

Jillian Buckholz

On-Campus Advisor Title

Director of Sustainability


Please upload your organization's constitution. Follow the link to a template if needed.

Organization Goals

Please list your goals for the next year

Our goal is to promote sustainable advancement in offices on campus by encouraging collaboration and competition among faculty and staff in a way that enables them to become more sustainability-minded.

What types of events do you hold?

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assessment meetings, social meet-ups, competitions, fundraisers, community service opportunities

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