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Residence Hall Bulletin Board Posting Request

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Contact Information
What type of organization are you requesting for?

This is the first day that your flyer will be displayed. Please note that your request must be approved at least three (3) working days before the posting start date.

This is the day your poster or flyer will be removed from the bulletin boards. Please note that approved postings may be displayed for a maximum period of two (2) weeks, or the day after the event, whichever comes first.

Residence Hall Bulletin Board Posting Guidelines

Posting is defined as public display of any informational or promotional materials. University Housing & Dining Services has designated space in the public areas of the residence halls for the purpose of providing a place for groups and organizations to promote their events, activities, programs, and services. Posting materials may include, but are not limited to: banners, flyers, leaflets, notices, posters, or signs placed or affixed in public space for the purpose of advertising activities, programs or services.

The University will not approve any information that is deemed to be racist, sexist, indecent, scandalous, illegal, inciting, or information that conflicts with the mission of University Housing & Dining Services.

All requests are subject to approval and scheduled on a “first come, first serve” basis.

Please make sure your design meets the following specifications before submitting:

Flyer Design Specifications

Flyers must be 11" x 17" or smaller in size and must not contain any adhesive material
When possible, full color postings are preferred.
Use of no more than two different fonts is recommended.
Use of quality images without pixilation is recommended.
Use a color scheme consistent with the Western Illinois University brand when promoting your department/organization/service.
When promoting an event, be consistent with a color scheme and font choice for all of your marketing collateral.
Include all pertinent details and/or an easy to access link for the audience to obtain more information.

The maximum size of a file upload is 20MB.