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Social Justice Immersion (Tijuana, Mexico): Winter Break 2019 + FQ Formation (EXTENDED DEADLINE)

Thank you for applying to Campus Ministry’s Mexico Immersion Program for 2019. This experience requires a desire to explore spirituality, service, solidarity, and global citizenship. Applicants will be selected for an interview based on interest and commitment to spirituality, community, and social justice. We encourage you to answer carefully and thoughtfully the questions on this application.  


Applications Due: June 28th or email to with your interest. Campus Ministry Immersions Programs require students to make a significant commitment to full participation in each phase of the program, in their group and to completing their financial obligation.  Students are allowed to miss no more than 2 meetings.

FINANCIAL COMMITMENT: $1,000 (should not be a barrier - read details and email with questions) 

Each student is responsible for their entire fee through personal deposits, fundraising and participation in group fundraising. Students are required to meet 3 deadlines for deposits prior to their travel.  Campus Ministry supports & encourages groups to collaborate on fundraising efforts, which have been historically successful. Campus Ministry is committed to ensuring that finances do not preclude a student from participating in our Immersion Program. If financial investment in our program is a concern please contact Marilyn Nash to schedule a meeting. 

FORMATION: Fall Quarter 2019

The group will meet for weekly two-hour sessions (likely Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings) to explore more deeply the values of justice, solidarity, simplicity, community, spirituality, and hospitality in the context of the communities and issues relevant to this trip. Students & leaders explore the historical, social, economic, spiritual & political realities of the communities we’ll visit.  

TRAVEL:  Winter Break (12/14 through 12/21) (confirmed when flights are purchased)

Esperanza International strives to promote and embody international solidarity, global citizenship, and responsible community development through their community building programs in Tijuana, Mexico. Their goal is to empower communities in Tijuana to build relationships and homes together and to motivate volunteers to become responsible global citizens.  Esperanza International serves local people while attempting to address both the causes and effects of poverty and international migration in the region. Students are truly immersed in Tijuana, learning about the beauty of the land, its culture and customs, through the people and communities who know it and express it best. Esperanza’s unique service program includes much more than just the swinging of hammers. Through hard work, relationship building, conversations with community members and recent deportees, social analysis, and evening reflections students will be experiencing Catholic social teaching first hand. Students may work at digging, bending rebar, pouring concrete, and building lasting relationships with fellow students, Esperanza staff, and residents of Tijuana.

INTEGRATION: Winter Quarter 2020

Transition from immersion trips include challenging questions, discovering how to share story and discerning choices and actions in light of new learning. To aid in this transition, the group commits to meeting TWICE in the quarter following the trip to reflect and commit to our collective integration.   

QUESTIONS/INFORMATION: If you have any questions about Immersion or the application, please feel free to contact: Marilyn Nash *  Campus Minister for Social Justice * 206-296-6075 

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