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Imagine: A Faith & Justice Cohort for Graduating Students (Winter & Spring Quarter Series)

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 Imagine being in circle with others who are asking similar questions, from varied contexts. Imagine sharing wisdom, stories, confusion and growth with one another. This cohort will focus on bringing together conversations and questions of faith, justice and discernment. You are invited to reflect on your time here at SU, while also imagining what is next – all the while being present in the experience of your last months or year.

One of the benefits of a cohort is having a sustained community and “thread” through the all the experiences of that last year – classes, academic readings, relationships, friends, internships, and of course, looking ahead to the choices and decisions that come as you approach graduation.



·         The cohort will run from mid winter quarter through spring quarter for 6-8 weeks. 

            (adjusted opportunities for students who are going abroad or have a particular quarterly conflict or commitment.)

·         The group will meet on Monday or Tuesdays nights, 2-3 times each quarter – participants would be encouraged to commit to attending all the sessions.

·         Students will be invited to co-lead and co-create the conversations alongside accompanying staff (me!)

·         Peacemaking circle modalities will be introduced for conversation and transformative listening/sharing.

·         All are welcome – conversations of spirituality and faith begin with you  – all traditions, values, and ways of making    

            meaning are welcome. The only requirement is openness to others.  

·         A small fee of $40 for the entire series cohort experience.  


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