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Workshop on Data Analysis Using R

Hi All,

There will be a very interesting and useful statistics workshop given on Nov.5 -Nov 9 provided by American Statistical Association USF Student Chapter. 

The workshop will consist of two parts over 5 days. 

Nov. 5 - Nov.8 with 2-hour sessions that will be available on site or as webinars.

           Nov. 5: Introducing to R / Data Cleaning. 

           Nov. 6: Data Visualization Methods.

           Nov. 7: Data Mining and Statistical...


IDSC Seminar 9-28-18- 3pm-4pm -CMC 130

Hello All, 

Welcome to our seminar next Friday. The Speaker will talk about hosting a data competition. The more we know about the rules the more we can win for the data competitions.  


IDSC Seminar series-September 11-2pm-CUTR 202

Hello All,

IDSC seminar series resumes with our first speaker as Dr. Zhou Lu of Electrical engineering on September 11th, 2:00 pm at CUTR 202. Please join us to start another exciting year. Remember this is a great venue to meet faculty and students from various departments and colleges and interact. For students, it will be an opportunity to learn what problems other discipline people are looking at, and how they are solving those problems related to data. For more information,...


Yanjia Zhang commented on the news post 2nd Conference on The Frontiers of Statistics

2nd Conference on The Frontiers of Statistics

Hello all,

We have an IDSC sponsored event this week which will cover various aspects of data science topics, including Cyber-Security, Health System, Finance, and Environment. 

May 11th and 12th. From 9:00am to 5:00pm on Friday and 10:00am to 4:30pm on Saturday in CWY 108.  There will be some coffee and snacks available around the time of the talk. 

Hope to see you.



Vamsi Krishna Vandana

Who is giving the talk ?

Yanjia Zhang

The professors work in the Statistics and Engineer field and some graduated Ph.D students.

Data Sciences Talk

Hi All,

On April 6th, Dr. Sayan Mukherjee from Duke University will give a talk at 3 pm in CMC 130. The title of the talk is Modeling Complex Phenotypes. 

For more information, click 

Thank you. 


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