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The EAP Criminal Justice Society welcomes you.

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Our organization would like to promote awareness in social justice area of our communities through outreach and community service. The club would also like to be recognized as a group of individuals who are trying to make a difference on our campus and in our community. Our activities will include but are not limited to; guest speakers, special tours, social and fundraising events. But besides just more of the same, we also hope to expand our membership in other majors and disciplines. Members of the club can benefit from student engagement and are kept abreast of new developments in the field of criminal and social justice. The club can also provide opportunities for students to network and volunteer within the social element of the community of San Antonio/Metropolitan area.



What are the GPA requirements for your members?

If you do not have any requirements, just type "none".


What is the selection process for new members?

Open Membership - anyone can become a member at anytime