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Veteran Horsemanship Program

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Tuesday, Sep 12, 2017 - Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017
All Day
Elizabeth A. Howard Therapeutic Riding and Activity Center, West PointMap Location

The goal of the program is to develop a horsemanship program to promote wellness for veterans.  This program gives veterans the opportunity to participate in a program that uses natural horsemanship methods to develop horsemanship skills, recognizing that the bond between horses and humans is inherently healing emotionally and physically. 

Each veteran is paired with the horse of their choice and allowed to explore the natural horsemanship program at their own pace.  Basic natural horsemanship groundwork is the foundation of the program.  Some veterans choose to ride as soon as possible and others choose to continue to work with their horse on the ground the whole time.  As the veterans work with their horse, they are also providing a service to the therapeutic riding center.  Once the horse is trained in natural horsemanship methods by a veteran, it can be used to teach those skills safely to children.  The work that the veterans do with the horses also helps the horses to remain sound and happier longer.  The natural horsemanship program engages the horses mind and provides much needed variety to the therapy horses. 

Should a veteran have mobility issues, this in no way precludes them from participating in the program.  The entire program can be done from a chair in the arena if need be.  And if they choose to ride, there are two PATH Intl. instructors on site to facilitate this in the least restrictive and safest way. 

For more information please contact

Lori Jones Irvin, MS, CRC       

662-436-0799 – text - email