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We invite interested Yale degree-seeking Graduate & Professional (G&P) students to apply to the Graduate Affiliate (GA) Program, which allows a select number of Yale G&P students to play an important role in the life of the 14 undergraduate residential colleges. GAs mentor and provide programming with undergraduates, but do not live in college. See our FAQs page for more information.

  • The Online GA application is currently closed. The next round of applications will open in the Fall of 2018 and will be open ONLY to first year Yale G&P students applying as a GA for 2018-19. This page will be updated with more information at that time. 
  • First year G&P degree-seeking G&P students only - Applications are accepted every mid-September. All first year students will be emailed an invitation, and the application form will be available online here.
  • For continuing G&P degree students - Applications will be available here every April for selection to serve the following year.
  • For returning graduate affiliates who are interested in re-applying for the next academic year - An application will be sent to you directly from your college GA coordinator. You must reapply each year to continue as a GA.
  • GAs receive a few meals a week in recognition of their services, and membership in their college community.

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The Graduate and Professional Affiliate Program, sponsored by Yale’s residential colleges, allows graduate students to play a more active role in the larger Yale community. Currently, eleven undergraduate residential colleges are inviting graduate students to participate in college life by becoming graduate affiliates.

These positions are non-residential, that is, they do not allow grad/professional students to live in the colleges. Rather, the program facilitates interaction with undergraduates by providing affiliates with access to a particular college, a few meals a week in the college’s dining hall, and use of its facilities. In return, affiliates contribute to the social and intellectual life of the college in both casual and structured ways. Affiliates have been involved in many aspects of residential college life, from cultural and social events to photography, pottery, art and drama, poetry readings, music, language tables, science groups, and career advising. Read more about the individual colleges to learn about what kinds of activities affiliates might be involved in.

If selected, you will be joining a lively group of returning affiliates who were selected last spring or in previous years. As noted earlier, these G&P affiliate positions do not involve living in the colleges.

If you would like to apply for consideration as a graduate/professional affiliate of a residential college, please see How to Apply each Spring (for continuing G&P students) and Fall (only for entering First year G&P students)

The Graduate and Professional Affiliate program is administered by the Office of Graduate Student Life at the McDougal Center, and the Council of Heads of Colleges office. The program is funded though the generous support of the Yale President’s Office, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Yale Council of Heads of Colleges, and the Yale residential colleges. Please refer any questions to


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