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Yann Raymond commented on the event Civic Engagement Summit at ASU

Civic Engagement Summit at ASU

Saturday, Feb 3, 11:30 am
Senita Ballroom in Student Pavilion

Join MyGovUSA at ASU, USG, and Changemaker Central at this event is to critically engage students and other members of our community in meaningful discussion that will frame civic engagement as more than just politics; make the future of your community personal. The Summit will be focusing on the intersection between topics such as sustainability or higher education funding and civic engagement. This event will be facilitated by a small panel of topic experts, student lead round table...

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Limited spaces available


Yann Raymond

A big thank you again for those who attended the Summit last Saturday, and we hope you all had the opportunity to have the discussions and create the projects that will advance civic engagement at ASU and beyond!
Don't forget that the Civic Engagement Grant applications are open and can allow you to make your projects to build stronger communities a reality:

While the grant is open to all ASU students, a preference will be given to the team leads who have attended the Civic Engagement Summit last Saturday.
Contact Urban Stewart ( ) or Yann Raymond ( if you have any questions about the grant!

MyGovUSA at ASU By-weekly club meeting

Wednesday, Apr 25, 6 pm

Our by-weekly club meetings is a time to meet the other members of the club and to get information on events and projects that are currently going on.

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Limited spaces available

2017 Semester Launch

Monday, Aug 14, 5 pm

MyGov is launching at ASU with a welcome meeting! Our goal will be to introduce some new members, explain what the Club's mission and plan is for the semester, and develop ideas for events this upcoming semester. 

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