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Japanese Table

Thursday, Nov 16, 12 pm
Elm DH


Japanese table is up and running every Thursday from 12pm - 1.30pm in Elm DH! There will be conversation cards provided to help get the ball rolling.

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Japanese Seminars for Beginners

Thursday, Nov 16, 8 pm
Classroom 11, Elm Level 2


Elementary Japanese classes, run by Yale-NUS students who are either native Japanese speakers, or intermediate-advanced level learners for Yale-NUS students! This is a eight week pilot programme designed to cover basic Japanese for travel situations, and will be running from week 6 to week 13 as follows: 

Weeks 6 & 7: Hiragana and katakana Week 8: Topic particle は, self-introduction, counting from 1-10 Week 9: Question words and greetings Week 10:...
Will you be attending?