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Hey guys! for those who are thinking of attending the ball, there is still time, and we still need numbers. For those who are attending, we request you to bring additional guests so we meet our minimum numbers for the night. Please contact Jade for tickets.


Fatma Shehata commented on the event PMA Meet & Greet

PMA Meet & Greet

Thursday, Aug 31, 1 pm
Ctown Campus - CA-04.G.21 (LR03)

A social event where PMA members can meet up and socialise, discuss relevant issues and get to know students from different years/cohorts.

A chance to promote the club, and gain new members.

A chance to also collaborate on future events, ideas and thoughts of the club members

There will be catering of food from outside of the uni: Froyo (frozen yoghurt), Pizzas/Manoush (Lebanese Pizzas), refreshments (water, juice, others)

All students are welcome, whether...

Will you be attending?
Limited spaces available


Deborah Turner

This is great - lets hope there is lots of interest - Debbie

Fatma Shehata

Thanks Debbie! It will be lovely having you there xx

Meet and Greet - 31/8/17

Hello PMA!

Please make sure you RSVP for our upcoming meet and greet. There are limited of spaces left (only 40 remaining):



Irene Voutos commented on the news post Like us on facebook!

Like us on facebook!

Hey guys!

Like and share our page on Facebook for updates:

Also, please be aware that HRF Lunch with the Pod Squad is on Thursday, the 30th of March (next week), please join us for some free Lunch from 12.45pm - 1.30pm outside the lecture theater in building 4. Head over, and RSVP to the events page:

Hope to see you all...



Irene Voutos

Yum! Can't wait!