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Fatma Shehata commented on the event PMA Meet & Greet

PMA Meet & Greet

Thursday, Aug 31, 1 pm
Ctown Campus - CA-04.G.21 (LR03)

A social event where PMA members can meet up and socialise, discuss relevant issues and get to know students from different years/cohorts.

A chance to promote the club, and gain new members.

A chance to also collaborate on future events, ideas and thoughts of the club members

There will be catering of food from outside of the uni: Froyo (frozen yoghurt), Pizzas/Manoush (Lebanese Pizzas), refreshments (water, juice, others)

All students are welcome, whether...

Will you be attending?
Limited spaces available


Deborah Turner

This is great - lets hope there is lots of interest - Debbie

Fatma Shehata

Thanks Debbie! It will be lovely having you there xx

Meet and Greet - 31/8/17

Hello PMA!

Please make sure you RSVP for our upcoming meet and greet. There are limited of spaces left (only 40 remaining):



Irene Voutos commented on the news post Like us on facebook!

Like us on facebook!

Hey guys!

Like and share our page on Facebook for updates:

Also, please be aware that HRF Lunch with the Pod Squad is on Thursday, the 30th of March (next week), please join us for some free Lunch from 12.45pm - 1.30pm outside the lecture theater in building 4. Head over, and RSVP to the events page:

Hope to see you all...



Irene Voutos

Yum! Can't wait!