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hi, we're the brazen project! abortion rights: bold and without shame. 

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Hi, we're The Brazen Project at CU Boulder. With chapters on 3 campuses, we're dedicated to creating a Colorado where anyone who wants or needs an abortion has access to one in a safe, affordable, timely manner without shame or stigma. We largely focus our efforts on the social aspects of abortion rights- getting rid of the shame and stigma that comes with abortion- but that doesn't stop us from tackling every issue that abortion rights intersect with. We're working to raise the voices of young leaders and activists to help us make statewide impacts. By mobilizing an intersectional group of new, young leaders, we will work towards a more inclusive and equal future for Colorado.


Social Justice and Activism

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Each semester we provide the trainings and tools necessary to be an activist on abortion. Our storytelling training gives participants the tools to talk about abortion with their peers, while our activist training gives them all the information they would ever need to become activists in their own right. In addition to trainings, we will consistently hold meetings (and picnics!) throughout the semester and table in the UMC every week. Large-scale events are in the works, so stay tuned!

How will this organization's activities benefit the CU Boulder community?

Throughout the semester we will engage with young people on campus by talking to them about abortion rights. By engaging with students and helping them share their stories, we will de-stigmatize abortion. We will collect stories, sponsor events, and create visibility around the issue of abortion access in Colorado.

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