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The mission of Inspired Dreamers is to build a support network for current and future undocumented/ASSET/DACA/Refugee students at CU Boulder. As a group we intend to collaborate with other on-campus and local Boulder organizations in order to facilitate the dispersion of academic, financial and other resources.


Social Justice and Activism

Student Organization Principal Activities, Events, or Programs

Please describe any annual events you plan, conference you attend, regularly scheduled meetings (location, time, etc.). This information appears publically on the directory so the more you provide, the easier it is for students to get involved.

Events that take place during the school year are biweekly meetings with food provided and other work surrounding issues around immigration and/or DACA/ASSET.

How will this organization's activities benefit the CU Boulder community?

Inspired Dreamers works with on-campus organizations to aid students in navigating the complex university system. We are focused on working in projects that involve aiding undocumented/ASSET/DACA/Refugee students in their academics, financial aid, and social activities. In addition, we are focused in outreach for high school students and helping their transition into college. As a group, we are focused in giving back to the community by encouraging and organizing volunteer work.

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