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UMAS works to increase the cultural, social, political, and economic well being of the Chicanx people. Founded in 1968, the club's goals include: encouraging respect, dignity, justice, and equality for the Chicanx people; furthering the educational development of local youth; advancing the empowerment and rights of all people; presenting Chicanx culture to the campus and to the community; and encouraging Chicanx graduates of institutions of higher learning to return to their communities to help better their people. UMAS is dedicated to recruiting and retaining Chicanx/Mexican/Mexican American students at CU and providing community services such as tutoring, CU tours, middle school and high school panels, and community events within disenfranchised communities.

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In addition to regular meetings, we plan to celebrate a Mexican traditional holiday, Dia de los Muertos in honor of deceased loved ones. In order to do so we will be making sugar skulls and inviting University Hill students to campus to decorate them while teaching them about the holiday. We also plan on celebrating Semana de la Chicana to celebrate Chicana women and raise awareness to the issues that we face in the community. We will also be working annually on our Aquetza academic summer program.

How will this organization's activities benefit the CU Boulder community?

Primarily working on a variety of on campus events that deal with educating the campus on the Chican@ and Latin@ culture, history and social struggles along with activism. UMAS will also be focusing on ensuring that the high school summer program, Aquetza, takes place every year.

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