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Do you know things? If the answer is yes, then you're a perfect fit for CU Boulder's quiz bowl team—here, we know things competitively. We compete against other universities to answer questions on various academic subjects (science, history, literature, art, etc). Anyone is welcome—just show up to practice!

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Quiz bowl is an intercollegiate academic competition in which teams are challenged to answer questions about a variety of academic subjects. The game resembles team-based Jeopardy, but with more academic content and less of a focus on buzzer speed. Subjects include history, natural and social sciences, literature, arts, and much more. If you enjoy learning new things, show up to practice at any time!


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Student Organization Principal Activities, Events, or Programs

Please describe any annual events you plan, conference you attend, regularly scheduled meetings (location, time, etc.). This information appears publically on the directory so the more you provide, the easier it is for students to get involved.

Playing mock games of quiz bowl at practice; hosting on-campus intramural quiz bowl tournaments; representing the school at local, regional and national quiz bowl tournaments and hosting high school quiz bowl tournaments. These activities help build leadership skills, teamwork, and problem solving skills while also serving as a recruitment tool for academically gifted students interested in quiz bowl at the collegiate level.

How will this organization's activities benefit the CU Boulder community?

It's an inclusive group that serves both a social and academic purpose. Our academic quiz bowl team competing against other schools in the region builds competitive spirit and academic interest in the students participating while also fostering friendships at CU and with other quiz bowl competitors. It is a group that is made to foster the love of knowledge and trivia and could host trivia style competitions outside of the realm of quiz bowl, for campus activities. There is also a recruitment factor as many of the nation's brightest students compete in high school quiz bowl and could come to CU to continue that pursuit.

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