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Welcome to Walkabout Creative Arts Journal's new CU portal! Walkabout is CU Boulder's longest running and only undergraduate-only creative publication. Interested in poetry, prose, fine arts, graphics, and/or publication? Join our community of kreative kangaroos, or pick up our published journal! Learn more here, or on our website 

We are currently in the publishing process for the 2019-2020 edition of the journal.

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The core of Walkabout Creative Arts Journal is comprised of a board of 5-15 undergraduate student editors who are hired on a yearly basis by a democratically-elected editor in chief. Walkabout's goal is to put forth one annual publication comprised of CU Boulder undergraduate student submissions of poetry, prose, and art. The Editorial Board fields submissions in the fall semester, and then selects pieces and puts together the publication in the spring semester. The organization is funded in part by the Creative Writing Department and in part by funds from UROP. The journal has been on campus since 1973, and is the only publication at CU dedicated exclusively to undergraduate student work and collaboration.


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Student Organization Principal Activities, Events, or Programs

Please describe any annual events you plan, conference you attend, regularly scheduled meetings (location, time, etc.). This information appears publically on the directory so the more you provide, the easier it is for students to get involved.

Walkabout Creative Arts Journal will release its annual publication with a release party at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Cafe in April or May. The physical release of our journal is the culmination of Walkabout's yearly meetings and submission process, and our release party includes readings and artist statements by our published creatives, with goodies and great dialogue!

In addition to our Walkabout Creative Arts Journal Release Party, Walkabout would like to sponsor one engagement, either a reading, open mic, or visiting artist, per semester. This is a new area we would like to grow into, to further connect the creative community.

How will this organization's activities benefit the CU Boulder community?

Walkabout puts forth one annual publication of undergraduate student creative work to be distributed free of charge to the University of Colorado Boulder student body. Walkabout typically has one major release event in May after the publication of the journal, at which contributors are invited to pick up free copies of the journals and do readings or discuss their pieces. In addition to that, the Walkabout editors typically pass out journals at periodic tabling events throughout the school year, visit classrooms to discuss our organization and mission, and attend events sponsored by the Creative Writing Department and affiliated organizations.

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