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Our organization (hereafter referred to as EERI) is a student chapter of a national non-project research consortium, the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. The mission of our parent organization is to support cutting-edge research and practice in earthquake risk reduction through interdisciplinary collaboration between fields such as engineering, urban planning, seismology, geology, sociology, public policy, and emergency management.

At CU Boulder, our student group brings together undergraduate and graduate students from multiple departments across campus, all interested in earthquake engineering and seismic risk reduction. Our chapter also supports the CU Seismic Design team that competes to design the best seismic resistant structure internationally. Our club is free to join and open to participation from any student of any discipline at CU Boulder.


Academic: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

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EERI hosts multiple seminars throughout the year with graduate student and faculty speakers from CU Boulder presenting all kinds of topics related to earthquake engineering. The Friedman Family speaker in the Spring is one of our biggest events. We also have an outreach program, in which we bring fun hands-on activities to local high schools to introduce kids to earthquake engineering. Finally, we have an Undergraduate Seismic Design Team. Throughout the year, this group designs and builds a model skyscraper made of balsa wood to take to competition in the Spring. At this competition, the team tests their model on a shake table. This competition is part of a large conference - the EERI Annual Meeting - which brings professionals and students from around the world to share research, innovations, and ideas about earthquake engineering.

How will this organization's activities benefit the CU Boulder community?

EERI is a unique organization in that it connects graduate and undergraduate students in a fun social setting. Earthquake Engineering is a very cross-disciplinary field. It involves subjects in engineering, business, and social sciences which means we can benefit many students across campus.

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