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Heritage Theater Ensemble is an organization of students committed to the continuation and evolution of Black theatre on Yale's campus and the New Haven community. We hope to be a contribution by bringing the rich voice of African American dramatists to fruition, while creating a unique atmosphere wherein students and supporters of Black theatre can network, learn, and come together in a comfortable environment.


Performance: Theater

Statement of Purpose/Mission.

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The purpose of Heritage Theater Ensemble shall be to foster the development of Black theater in the Yale-New Haven community: to provide a forum for the expression of Black (and other minority) talent in all aspects of the performing arts and to generate and promote a collective, artistic consciousness within the organization. Similarly, Heritage Theater Ensemble's promotion of artistic endeavors within New Haven shall be a means of developing and sustaining Black (minority) arts as a means of politicizing art-production within the local community.

Usual Meeting Day(s)

When does your organization typically meet, whether for a group meeting, a reading, a rehearsal, or another regularly occuring event?

  • Saturday
Usual Meeting Time

3:00 PM

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  • Undergraduates