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Welcome (Future) Molecular Gastronomists!

In this club we will shed the confines of restrictive recipes and learn the science behind food and its preparation. We host about 8 cooking experiments that we vote on in the beginning of the semester. This club is for people who love food, eating, and nerding-out in the process. Beginners and taste-testers are welcome!

To speak with club members and learn about events, join us on Slack (see link below).

-Chef Elli

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Investigate the physical and chemical compositions of ingredients and transformations that take place during cooking processes
Empower students to cook healthy and easy meals
Explore the roles that culture and history have had on various cuisines


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E. Simone Ellison

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Alayna Nicholson

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Students need to sign up for Molecular Gastronomists on Orgsync, fill out , and

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  • Wednesday
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1. Expand our group of committed members
2. Host cooking events on and off campus
3. Host professors and entrepreneurs on meeting days.