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At Grace On Campus, we understand that caring for and shepherding each and every student is a very serious undertaking. Small groups are the primary shepherding venue at GOC. The small group leaders are cared for by wise and devoted staff, who range from recent college graduates to recent retirees. Our pastor is seminary-educated and devoted to full-time ministry at GOC, preaching each week. Alongside him to help him make important ministry decisions is a core group of senior staff and assistant pastors, all of whom have been affirmed as deacons or elders at Grace Community Church.


GOC is a place where ministry is constantly happening. The ministry is structured into five main areas: Outreach, Welcome & Followup, Service & Helps, Music, and Administration. Within these five areas are several student-led ministry teams that address specific ministry needs. This vibrant setting gives students the opportunity to serve in a variety of capacities and thus discover and cultivate their giftings and abilities for the glory of Jesus Christ.



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Thursdays at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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USU, Flintridge Room