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Hi! Welcome to the SGI Student Division at LMU! We're so happy to have you here!

Our meetings consist of a presentation about buddhist concepts and leads into group discussion. Come check us out if you want to learn more!

In a nutshell, our club is all about becoming truly happy people so that we can help others become happy and achieve world peace! Sound impossible to you? Well SGI LMU is all about challenging what we think is impossible in our own lives so that we can realize that, really, nothing is!

Please feel free to come to any of our meetings, which are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month from 8pm-9pm in UHALL2523, at any point during the year.


President- Priyanka Gupta

cell: +1(424)249-2356




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We are the official SGI club. Soka Gakkai international is a world peace organization founded in Japan and is prevalent in 192 countries worldwide. We focus on winning in our lives which is the best way to win in our battle for establishing world peace. Our practice is rooted in Buddhist philosophy however, we consider humanism our religion. We engage in interfaith dialogue and discuss ideas about how we can empower ourselves having the lion like courage to face all obstacles in life. This practice is for everyone who is willing to grow and just be joyful.



Meeting Day

What day of the week does your organization typically meet?


What time does your organization typically meet?

8:00 PM

Meeting Occurrence

How often do you generally meet?

  • Every other week (2x per month)
Meeting Location

Is there a specific location/room where you generally meet?

UHALL 2523 Marriage and Family therapy suite* unless otherwise noted


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