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Incoming YLS-ers,

Welcome to the YLS community from the Yale Law Urbanists! We are a campus hub for engaging and discussing urban and state/local government topics. We’re relatively new (like you!) and spent our first year creating events and opportunities for students at YLS (and across Yale) to engage on a broad range of issues relating to urban and local topics. 

In our first year, we hit the ground running with a series of events, and are looking to keep that momentum in the coming year! We were especially proud of our events that we co-hosted with students from the School of Forestry and the School of Management, and in the future are hope to also engage with the broader New Haven community.

We have relied on members pushing forward topics in which they are interested (which include: sanitation, land use and zoning, housing and housing affordability, disability rights, the intersections between local-state-federal law, transportation, smart cities, civil rights, and inclusivity and equality). This broad range of interests has been reflected in our lunch talks; we have heard from a community activist who helped change New Haven’s status as a food desert, an urban planner who helped rebuild lower Manhattan after 9-11, and a developer who built the tallest building in Connecticut.

Outside of the hallowed halls of the Yale Law School, we hosted a handful of Urban Bourbons, where we got together at local bars and discussed topics like financing megaprojects.

Moving forward, we hope to keep providing a forum for members to pursue their urban and local interests with others who share them. At the same time, building our community within YLS and engaging with the New Haven community are now coming to the top of our agenda.

If you are interested in any of the topics mentioned above, want to hang with people nerding out about things like public-private partnerships or affordable housing, and believe in the power and potential of the law to change cities and local communities, then keep an eye out for us in the Fall!

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The Yale Law Urbanists is a nonpartisan organization that promotes engagement with urban legal issues and local government.



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The Yale Law Urbanists promotes dialogue among students about legal and policy issues affecting cities. The group hosts speakers who work in and with local government on a broad array of topics, including food and environmental justice, real estate and planning, and federalism.

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