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Welcome to Stanford's official Cannabis Business Club!

The emergence of the legal cannabis industry is one of the biggest economic opportunities of our time. This year, it will be worth about $6B, with nearly half of that generated in the state of California alone. Industry growth is projected at 20-30% annually for the foreseeable future. But more important than the size of the pie, is the question we have asked ourselves: who will run this industry in ten years?  Will they be outlaws, or will they be citizens?

The DNA of the cannabis industry is being written right now.  That’s why we feel a sense of urgency to make Stanford the world’s thought leader in the professionalization of the cannabis industry.  Our club’s programming will focus on three broad areas of interest:

  1. Effective business practice – What does it take to win in the cannabis industry? From taxation and banking, to operating in multiple states, successful businesses manage to navigate the technical and legal complexities of an industry still not accepted by the federal government.
  2. Regulation and compliance – The cannabis industry is (and should be) highly regulated.  Those who understand the regulations and are committed to following the rules will appeal to mainstream consumers, attract capital and most importantly, be positioned to survive the turbulent political times ahead.
  3. Social responsibility – What does it mean to be an ethical business person in the cannabis industry?  We believe that cannabis businesses must understand the health implications of cannabis use and the environmental impact of large-scale cultivation.  They must be inclusive, and they must be part of – rather than apart from – the society in which they operate.

The Cannabis Business Club is not about getting high.  It is about educating ourselves, and professionalizing an industry.  We don’t have all the answers, but we are committed to learning. 

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The Cannabis Business Club offers a vehicle through which students can explore the state-legal cannabis industry and the social responsibilities that go along with being a business leader in it. As a point of interface between current industry leaders and Stanford students, it connects students with prospective employers for summer and full-time positions.

The CBC is focused exclusively on business issues related to the licit cannabis industry, and respects all university policies relating to controlled substances.


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