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Hello Pioneers!

This is the Official Club Page for SustainEastBay. All future events, meetings, and news will be posted on this page!

We would like to use this platform to promote sustainability and green living on our campus, in our community, and around the world. We will be hosting regular clean ups on campus and in the area and we are planning lots of fun field trips all around the Bay Area. Make sure to add us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get keep up with all of our events. Our social media handles are the same for all groups (SustainEastBay) and you can add us through our social media links on our first page.

We look forward to meeting everyone and are excited to work on making our campus more sustainable.


Your Sustainability Officers


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The SustainEastBay club strives to promote Cal State East Bay's current sustainability efforts within the campuses' offices themselves, but most importantly, student contributions to Cal State East Bay's Sustainable Impact. While many students are working for a greener tomorrow, sustainable living conditions, and a better way to educate future generations on sustainable living, these achievements typically go unnoticed and suffer from the absence of a platform to share these accomplishments with.
The SustainEastBay club is a solution to this problem. To get the everyday student to relate their college experience with a sustainable effort, and teach others how they too can provide sustainable living for future generations.
Having branches from the Office of Sustainability, we are able to connect many student sustainability workers with the Cal State East Bay community through the club profile. This allows for a deeper connection with sustainability for students rather than a simple brochure hand-out or informational session.
We look to the community that is being formed and nurtured in the process of education and teaching of sustainability, and learn to grow from these experiences.


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Robyn Perry

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Lulani Ritok

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Tabitha "Brooke" Schuyler

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Sandra Torres

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Gabriela Aguilar

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Jillian Buckholz

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Director of Sustainability


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SustainEastBay hopes to take advantage of the great educational opportunities the immediate East San Francisco Bay Area has to offer and to go out and explore and learn about environmentalism and sustainability from our local community. We hope to visit companies, nature reserves, and anything in between dedicated to a mission of environmentalism.

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