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Welcome to UC - INFORMS! We're currently hard at work planning Speaker Events, Symposiums, and Analytic Software Workshops for the 2017-2018 school year. Feel free to register for any of our events that are of interest to you!

If you would like to have a role in planning these events and learning more analytics, please reach out to Adam Reichert at

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UC INFORMS is a student chapter of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. The Student Chapter serves as an organization that connects students with external professionals in the data analytics field and provides students with potential job opportunities, research projects, and academic guidance. Please check out our latest events on campus and explore the world of big data analytics.



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Meeting Day
  • Monday
Meeting Time

5:30 PM

Meeting Location

Lindner Hall - 537

Selection Process/Membership Requirements:

Please check all that apply about the organization's selection process and include membership requirements if applicable.

  • Open Organization (Anyone can join)
President Name

Angie Chen

President Contact Email
Treasurer Name

Yanhui Chen

Treasurer Email Address
Vice President Name

Nitisha Adhikari

Secretary Name

Rohit Khandelwal

What is the primary purpose of your organization?

This can be taken directly from your constitution's "purpose/mission statement"

To encourage interest in the field of analytics in operations research , management sciences and other fields
To provide a means of communication between people having interest in the field of analytics and data science
To provide an informal means of exchanging information about analytics educational programs, certifications and opportunities
To provide an informal means of exchanging information about the analytical methods and techniques
To present a forum of visiting or in-house speakers from both academic and non-academic environments.

Describe a general meeting that your organization will hold.

Executive meetings to discuss ideas for in house speaker events and panel discussions.
General meetings will include discussion in the analytics world as well as tutorials and demonstrations for analytics software that will be utilized in the workforce.
Plan internal social events - on or off campus.

Constitution and Bylaws Upload

Please upload your organization's Constitution and Bylaws as one document.

If you need to view a sample constitution and bylaws, please use this link:

Does your organization charge membership dues?


Is your organization primarily serving undergraduate students, graduate students, or a mix of the two?

Mix of both

Advisor Name

David Rogers

Advisor's University Email