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The Yale Dramatic Association is Yale’s premier forum for exciting, high-quality undergraduate theatre. Founded in 1901, the Yale Dramat produces seven full-scale productions each year, including two designed and directed by professionals and often including the premiere of a student-written work. The Yale Dramat is the only undergraduate group with access to the venues and stock of the internationally renowned Yale School of Drama, and it provides opportunities for students to work on every aspect of a production regardless of prior experience.

Students are the sole driving force behind Dramat shows. Whether aspiring costumers or pre-med students with a passion for lighting, Dramat theatre makers share a commitment to collaboration, communication, and creativity. As one of just a handful of entirely student-run theatre companies in the country, the Yale Dramatic Association is committed to engagement, education, and excellence, all helmed by a new generation of artists.


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The Yale Dramat is dedicated to producing inclusive and diverse theater - that is accessible to the Yale - New Haven community and intends to impact these communities, through conversation, performance, and education, - as well as upholding the Dramat’s long tradition of fine theater.

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