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When school is in session, we perform shows on campus as well as at various venues and festivals around the Northeast. Over breaks, the Purple Crayon goes tours to cities around the country. This year, we’re headed to Chicago in the fall and still deciding on the spring (if you live or work in Chicago, we’d love to talk to you about performing); past tours have included Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando, Seattle, and Boston.

Our shows, locally and on tour, are a snap: we don’t require sets, props, costumes, fancy lights, or even a stage. All we need is a place to stand and an enthusiastic audience whose suggestions fuel the content of every performance. This means each one of our shows is different, ensuring that people can come back to show after show and never see the same thing twice. We love what we do, and hopefully you will too!


Performance: Comedy

Statement of Purpose/Mission.

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We are an improv comedy group that performs long-form improvisational sets sometimes in the form known as the "Harold." Our mission is to laugh and spread laughter.

Usual Meeting Day(s)

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  • Monday
  • Friday
Usual Meeting Time

9:00 PM

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  • Undergraduates