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We are Yale’s first comedy organization that features sketch and stand-up comedy. Formed in the spring of 2016, we are an inclusive group that encourages creativity and freedom in the field of comedy. We acknowledge that people starting out in comedy may not want to try everything from the start, so we offer positions for people to specialize in stand-up, acting, or writing. We have various shows each semester and invite the entire Yale community to see us perform.


Performance: Comedy

Statement of Purpose/Mission.

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Our idea is to create a hybrid organization of sketch and improv with an impact not only on campus but beyond. This is the first of its kind on the Yale campus and provides room for students who can one, either focus on improv and sketch directly, or two, try their hat at both and not sacrifice one over the other. In performance, this allows for the set in stone sketches to be (hopefully) funny, while adding room for spontaneity and the unexpected. Within the group, members who believe they couldn’t go off book could test their limits in improv, while those who believe they can only be funny making up stuff could try their hand at capturing their humor.

Usual Meeting Day(s)

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  • Thursday
  • Sunday
Usual Meeting Time

9:00 PM

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  • Undergraduates