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Lux Improvitas is a long-form Improvised Theatre Ensemble that aims to elevate improvisation to an art form. In this way, Lux Improvitas is an improv theater ensemble, not specifically an improv comedy troupe. Lux Improvitas will have numerous performances throughout the year on and off campus. Lux Improvitas meets several times a week for rehearsals, and more than that if necessary for a show.


Performance: Comedy

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Lux Improvitas seeks to explore the possibilities and boundaries of improvisation. While the central medium for much of this exploration is the “improvised play” (and its derivatives), every iteration of the Lux Improvitas ensemble should feel encouraged to explore styles of improv beyond this format and to create new forms of its own. We believe in creativity, in change, and in community.

Usual Meeting Day(s)

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  • Monday
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  • Sunday
Usual Meeting Time

5:00 PM

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  • Undergraduates