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What's up mi gente!

Welcome to Despierta Boricua's page. Here you will find all of our events and listings posted up, but please feel free to follow us on social media as well @DBatYale (twitter) and Despierta Boricua at Yale (facebook).

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Portal Information


Founded in 1972 as one of the first Latino cultural groups on campus, Despierta Boricua is the Puerto Rican student organization at Yale and a constituent member of La Casa Cultural Julia de Burgos, the Latino Cultural Center at Yale. Despierta Boricua aims to serve as a community for all those who identify with or appreciate the heritage of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico through regular discussions, educational seminars, and cultural events such as cooking lessons or dancing workshops. Membership is open to all Yale students and affiliates, including, but not limited to, undergraduate, graduate and professional school students. The operations of Despierta Boricua shall be directed by an Executive Board composed of a President (or Co-Presidents), a Vice-President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and other ad-hoc members with 1-year terms. Only undergraduate members of the organization may be nominated (or nominate themselves) to fill those positions. The composition of the Executive Board shall be decided by majority vote of the undergraduate membership in elections held every Spring Term.



Statement of Purpose/Mission.

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Despierta Boricua aims to bring together members of the Yale community who in any way identify with the heritage of the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico in celebration of its culture, history, and traditions. Despierta Boricua shall also take an active role in promoting the causes of the Puerto Rican people both from the island and its diaspora through education and activism. As one of the founding organizations of La Casa Cultural Julia de Burgos, the Latino Cultural Center at Yale, Despierta Boricua also aims to promote the causes and interests of the greater Latino community at Yale.

Usual Meeting Day(s)

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  • Thursday
Usual Meeting Time

5:00 PM

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  • Undergraduates
  • Graduate and/or Professional Students