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2017 PCC Ping Pong Tournament on June 16th

Date: Friday, June 16th (The very last day of the Spring term, and of the academic year)
Time: 11:30 PM
Location: PCC Sylvania, CC Building Upper Mall.

There are 2 brackets according to your level:
- Novice bracket: For everyone, from those who know nothing to those who can swing the bat just fine.
- Competitive
bracket: For those who can do better than above.

Prize for *each* bracket:
- 1st place: $50 + trophy
- 2nd place: $25 + trophy
- 3rd place: a paddle + trophy
- 4th and 5th place: trophy

Lunch will be provided.

- Student: $5
- Staff: $20
- Raffle Ticket: $1
=> Payment: Pay cash at the event

=======> All fee collected will be donated to PCC Scholarship Foundation. <=======

Register policy:
- The best way to register is by submitting this form:
- This event
have a cap.
- You can register at the event but this does NOT guarantee a slot for you. In this way, you can only join in when there is still an available slot or someone doesn't show up.
- Remaining/abandoned slots will be filled with the at-event registered players

======= IMPORTANT ========
- Latest time for showing up is 11:45 PM.
After this time,
organizer will fill up the abandoned slots with people who register at the event.


Welcome to Ping Pong club. Here is details you should know:

  • When: Every Monday and Wednesday, from about 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM, but you can just come in any time.

  • Where: On 1st floor of HT Building (downstair, near dance room and swimming pool entrance).

  • How: Check out balls and paddles at a PE checkout desk nearby.

  • Who to ask: At least one coordinator/advisor - Daniel, Xiaobin, and me - will be there within the above hours (except when something happened). Feel free to contact me or Daniel any time at:

    • Khuong Luu:

    • Daniel Armento:¬†


Portal Information


Promotes Ping Pong to students and improves skills for beginners as well as skilled players.