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Student Affairs Conference & Competition Fund Application

Funding Criteria:

All individual students are eligible to request assistance to attend a national or regional conference, or participate in a competition, from the Student Affairs Conference & Competition Fund once an academic year. 

The student must:

  • Be a matriculated NYU School of Engineering student and in good academic standing (2.5 GPA for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students).
  • Be an active member within a School of Engineering student organization or club
  • Be able to speak on how they will bring what they learn back to the NYU School of Engineering community (i.e. workshop, tabling, mentorship, etc.)
  • Relate their experience to how they will develop personally and/or professionally in one of the following areas:
    • Community Engagement and Civic Responsibility
    • Diversity and Cultural Competency
    • Innovation and Creative Thinking
    • Interpersonal and Leadership Development
    • Connection to the Global Networked University

Application Information

  • The application must be completed in its entirety.
  • Attached to the application must be links, screen shots, or detailed information of the expected costs that you are requesting the funds to cover. 
  • Applicant must provide advisor name or professional reference to support active status in sponsoring student organization or competition team. 
  • Applicant must provide a list of those events or programs they have attended through the student club they are an active member of, or Office of Student Activities/Office of Student Affairs initiatives, that took place during the previous semester or same academic year as the conference/competition. 


  • Approved expenses may include: lodging, transportation, and registration fee
  • Requested funds are not guaranteed to be funded in full. Partial approval may occur. 
  • Applications must be submitted following the deadlines, anything submitted after the deadline will not be reviewed.
  • Please note: granting of funds through the Student Affairs Conference Fund does not imply or guarantee an excused absence from academic classes. Students who will miss class due to club or personal travel MUST inform their professor(s) personally and make arrangements for any missed work.

This application MUST be submitted at least three weeks before the start date of the conference/competition in order to be reviewed. 

All funds are distributed on a reimbursement basis and all purchases must be made after receiving approval of your Student Affairs Conference & Competition Fund application. To complete the reimbursement process, the student must complete a Student Reimbursement Form (Form EXP2000S), attach all itemized receipts, and submit to OSARC within two weeks following the conference/competition.

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