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YLS OSA Reimbursement Form

If you are a YLS student, please be sure to login to Yale Connect before completing this form so that we can easily locate your request AND you may retain a record of your submission in your activity list found in your user drawer (click on your name in the top right corner after you've logged in to see this).

IMPORTANT: If you are trying to submit information for an invoice/direct bill vendor, please be sure to log in to Yale Connect (this platform) using your campus ID (e.g., CAS) so that you see the full list of forms available and complete the correct form.

In order to facilitate timely processing, please be sure to fill out the form completely.  A unique form must be submitted for each event or activity.  You may submit multiple expenses for the same event or activity on one form. In order to complete the form you will need the following information:

  1. Event Details (who, what , when, where, and why) - if you have an electronic file copy of the poster for your event or event announcement, you will have the option to upload the file in lieu of typing in the event information
  2. Number of attendees at the event. Please note if your event had 10 or fewer people, you will need their names.
  3. Name of the sponsoring group(s) - this may include Centers, Programs, Departments, as well as other student organizations
  4. Information on how expense(s) should be split by co-sponsoring groups
  5. Itemized and credit card receipts (scans are acceptable if the charge is less than $75, originals must be dropped off to the Office of Student Affairs if the expense is $75 or more) scanners are available for student use in the library.
  6. If a company is being reimbursed, you will need the Company Tax ID number
  7. If you are submitting the form on behalf of another individual (e.g., speaker), be sure to have citizenship information, including visa type, if applicable

Small group reimbursements must be submitted directly to Jennifer Young in the business office. Clinic related reimbursements must be submitted directly to the clinics.

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