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San Francisco State University


“To exercise our abilities to a maximum so as to minimize our disabilities, that we may live most and serve best.”

We, Disabled Students Association at San Francisco State University are advocates for a supportive and inclusive environment for students with disabilities on our college campus.
As part of our organization’s mission we are dedicated to the following goals:
Raising disability awareness on campus
Reshaping San Francisco State’s, City College of San Franciso, other college systems and the communitie's conception of students with disabilities
Improve the quality and access of educational accommodations provided to students with disabilities
Reaching out to the community to foster relationships among members with disabilities
Work with disabled students to promote academic achievement and positive social responsibility.
We will meet these goals by providing:
A voice for students concerned about disabilities on campus and meet every two weeks to discuss issues and ideas that are relevant to the organization.
Support for faculty, staff, and students in providing knowledge about disabilities, with the intent of providing the most optimum service delivery.
Opportunities for students to engage in meaningful activities in advocacy, support and education, with members of our campus and surrounding community.
Referrals and advocacy for students who need help in their community such as government agencies, banking centers and advocating with DPRC.


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