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Welcome to CSB!

College Students in Broadcasting will be meeting every other Tuesday at 7pm in Studio 1 aka CA 128. Be sure to come out next week for an awesome time of networking and learning. Can't wait to see you all!

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To bridge the gap between formal education and media employment. We strive to achieve this goal by inviting professionals in the media industry to speak at our meetings. In addition, we serve as a hub by passing along internships/career opportunities to our members and sponsor various BECA department events including graduation, the students' project showcase, BECAfest, and its end of the year department celebration, BECA Bash. We have new and exciting ways to get people involved.



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Both undergraduate & graduate students

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The purpose of College Students in Broadcasting is to encourage all students to get involved with the BECA Department at San Francisco State University, to give members access to information and opportunities in the BECA Department, to provide the opportunity for members to gain leadership, speaking and organizational skills, and to help students foster relationships with BECA alumni and other organizations within and beyond San Francisco State University.

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To join College Students in Broadcasting a member must provide us with their name and email address and, also, pay either 15 dollars for the semester or 20 dollars for the year. With this fee, the member will receive special invites to events.

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Studio 1 (128) in Creative Arts

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Miriam Smith