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Welcome to careers&us!  We are a community of UCSB students that is dedicated to exploring who we are as people, as students, and as future professionals. By joining our group, you will access monthly opportunities through UCSB Career Services to discover yourself in unique ways and begin the career path that is for you.

We feature a new way to ask yourself, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?" through an event every month!

*** HOW TO JOIN ***

STEP 1. Login via your UCSBnetID in the upper right corner, and then search for "careers&us" to return to this page.
STEP 2. Click here to complete our 2-minute Registration Form.  Memorize the secret password revealed at the end of the form, and enter it via the "Join" button back on this page. 
STEP 3. We'll keep you posted about upcoming events each month.  You must RSVP to the ones you will attend.


We offer our members opportunities to reflect on their unique qualities, specifically pertaining to academics and careers.  While we cannot promise you a dream job or a vacation house in Tahiti, we are committed to spreading awareness about strategies that promote self-knowledge.  

By participating in our group, we hope that you feel more confident about who you are as a student and a professional, that you can identify your unique qualities, and that you are ready to GET EXPERIENCE!  We promise to provide you with meaningful ways to learn about yourself BEFORE making big life decisions. 


  • We believe that there is no single "right" way to plan for the future or evaluate the efforts we make in life.  Self-knowledge is a key skill for success in our ever-changing 21st century, and it is our mission to help student members move forward through sustained self-reflection. 
  • We reject the question, "What are you going to do with your life?" when imagining our future careers.  Instead, we ask a specific & constructive question every month, and provide activities that help answer it. 
  • We value openness, honest reflection, and confidentiality within our community.  Reflect and respect!
  • We are college students and human beings, which means we like to PLAY!  Many of our events will involve games or activities that get us thinking and having fun at the same time.  When we're lucky, we even get food!


William Shakespeare is known for a wise observation: "Expectation is the root of all heartache."  With this in mind, we do not expect anything of our members.  We invite you to join us if you find this group to be beneficial, but there is no minimum requirement for participation.  While you are a member, we simply ask that you attend the events for which you RSVP.  Motivation comes from within!


"Who is eligible to become a member?"
We welcome all current undergraduate and graduate students of UCSB!  The activities in this group are ideal for students who want to learn more about themselves, because they help inform decisions on academic majors and careers.  

"Why should I participate?"
In a recent Gallup poll of 80,000 U.S. workers, only 32% identified themselves as "engaged" in their jobs, all while full-time employees invest an average of 47 hours at work EVERY week.  We want Gauchos to be engaged and fulfilled contributors.  Self-assessment is the first step to pursuing your path.

"I'm more aware of my unique qualities than anyone I know.  I just want to see what types of careers exist.  Should I join careers&us?"
careers&us focuses primarily on self-awareness, which will enhance your ability to pursue majors and careers that suit you best.  We still encourage you to join, but if you are looking to do specific research on majors and careers, it's best to start with the career planning section of the Career Services website.

"Can I attend an event if I am not a member?"
We ask that you become a member prior to attending your first event with us.  The good news is that it is VERY easy to join, and it can be done right here on this homepage! 

"What happens if I RSVP for an event and I don't show?"
We recommend doing everything in your power to keep good career karma throughout your lifetime.  If something comes up last minute and you let us know 24 hours in advance (send an OrgSync message to Eric or Maddie, our Advisors), you're off the hook.  If we don't receive any notice prior to an absence, this will jeopardize your membership in the group.  Again, RSVPing for an event is completely optional.

"Why is 'us' in this organization's name?  Isn't it just MY career that I'm dealing with here??"
Trust us, you're not the only person who is unsure about their future.  If it was that easy, we'd all be making a killing as fortune tellers!  Research and common knowledge both suggest that we feel more connected when we do things together.  Together, we'll explore and ask questions.  

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Interested in learning more about yourself? Want to find the major and career that is for you? Join careers&us, the UCSB campus organization dedicated to finding a new way to ask yourself, “What are you going to do with your life?” every month!



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