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Welcome to the UC Denver Chemistry Club!

The University of Colorado Denver Chemistry Club (UCD-CC) strives to inspire a deeper appreciation for chemistry and an enjoyment of the science. Our student-based club extends these ideals to the Auraria campus and the Denver metro community. The main goal of the UCD-CC is to educate students and the public in the many disciplines of science with an emphasis on chemistry. By doing this we seek to improve the relationship between science and everyday life, while also fostering an interest in science for future generations. Our club is open to students of all majors so we look forward to getting to know you at one of our many events! 

Meetings for the Spring 2016 occur at varied times so please check our "events" page to find the next meeting! 

You can also receive email updates through our email list or by joining our Facebook group!



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The University of Colorado Denver Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (UCD SAACS) strives to inspire a deeper appreciation of chemistry within both the campus and the Metro Denver community.
The overall goals of UCD SAACS are to educate students and the general public in the many science disciplines and increase awareness of the relationship between scientific concepts and everyday life. In doing this, we are able to foster an interest in science for future generations, which maintains a strong scientific community, enabling us to improve the quality of life.


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The purpose of the UC Denver Chemistry Club is to encourage and share educational opportunities with its members and within the community.

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The UCD Chemistry club has no selective membership, we welcome all students and all majors. Those who are interested in participating more may become a committee member or an officer of the UCD Chemistry club.

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