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Welcome to VSA! :D

We're all about bringing people together to celebrate Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American culture, heritage, and students here at Chapman!  If you are interested in making lifelong friends, connecting under a common love of phở and Paris by Night, late night boba runs, or learning more about Viet and Viet-Am culture, then come drop by and check us out!

Portal Information


Chapman's Vietnamese Student Association is a social club bringing people together in celebrating Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American heritage, culture, and people. Open to any in the Chapman community, we strive to create a welcoming space where students can find and form authentic and lasting connections, contribute to the greater community at Chapman and Orange County, and find pride in their unique cultural experiences.


Diversity/Cultural Organizations

Student Organization Email Address
President's Name

Andrew Pham

What unique contribution will this organization bring to campus?

Chapman VSA provides an open and welcoming space for Vietnamese, Vietnamese-American, and otherwise interested students to build strong communities and lasting and meaningful connections under a common cultural heritage and shared experience. Chapman VSA contributes to diversity and cultural awareness at Chapman by representing Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American culture and its unique cultural heritage and experience, and actively strives to empower individuals and provide a voice to stories relating to the complex and multi-faceted Vietnamese-American experience that are often silenced or crowded out in mainstream culture.