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Hey TRiO Club Members,

My name is Anna Dominguez and I am the new president of the Society of TRiO Student Club. I would like to introduce myself; I am a junior and I am majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology.In the future I will like to master in Counseling or Special Education. I am  a low-income, first-generation student and oldest of 4. I am also a peer mentor for the TRiO program and a member of a LPN. My goal as president is to have all of you participating and enjoying the scheduled activities. We as a club will be put in place bake sales, community outreach events, and other fun activities.  I would like to introduce the new executive board of the club:

President: Anna Dominguez

Vice-President: Trina Fernandes

Treasurer: Kevin Li 

Sponsor: Henry Ornelas

Being an active club member will help you network with other students, give you the opportunity to volunteer for your community, and additionally have lots of fun! I look forward to having an exciting semester and I hope to meet many of you throughout the semester! Have a wonderful semester filled with success and accomplishments!


Anna Dominguez | TRiO Club President