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Hey Friend!!

Welcome to the most energetic and engaging political group you'll ever come across. New Era Colorado is a youth civic engagement organization that is reinventing politics for a new generation, for OUR generation. We work to make politics easy to understand and easy to access. More than anything, we are having a good time with politics.


This may mean putting on rollerskates and/or costumes and hitting up the bars for a voter reg pub crawl. Or it could mean attending Trick or Vote, the most bad-ass Halloween event around, which happens to include knocking on doors in costume to remind people to vote and then a party to end all parties. (This year we have rented out the Ogden and invited DJ Z-Trip to join us, just sayin') Regardless of the event, you are going to have a good time while getting your neighbors, classmates and friends involved in the political process. 


If you want to volunteer, intern (for credit) or just learn more, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!!!