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Welcome African Student Union


Ubuntu and Justice for All 

Ubuntu is an African proverb  phrase that means "Humanity to others"

 The aims and purposes of the ASU is to bring and raise awareness of African culture amongst students, faculty and administrations in Auraria campus, towards this, ASU shall:

1. Promote unity and joint action among the students of ASU

2. Conduct socio-cultural activities that provide a social atmosphere where students, faculty, and residents of Colorado, can celebrate and learn about African culture and traditions, as requested by the African Student body at Auraria Campus.

3. Build relationships with other student organizations, and promote the development of inter-cultural understanding. Through this understanding it will strengthen the unity of the Auraria campus student body.

 Please visit our website as well.

Portal Information


The mission of African Students Union is to bring cultural awareness, about various African cultures to the Auraria Campus.


Cultural and Social

Please discuss the general purpose of your organization:

The purpose of this organization is to bring cultural awareness about Africa, its people, history, foods and traditions.

Do you have a new member selection process (probation, interviews, pledgeship)?

If your organization has selective membership, please describe the intake process.

We are welcoming everyone! If you are open-minded and want to learn more about African history and culture JOIN US!

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Please attach a copy of your organization's constitution/by-laws:
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President/Chair Name:

Ama Owusu

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Vanessa Kadima

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Oluwatosin Ibrahim

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Omar Montgomery