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Interested in Making a Change at the UO? Join a Committee!

Hello! With the beginning of every academic year, a lot of really awesome opportunities open up to let you be an integral member of the community at the UO. Some such positions would be the chairs to our various student/administrative committees. These committees are extremely important to the proper functioning of the UO and tackle a variety of issues ranging from student health all the way to environmental issues. If you have an interest in making a very tangible, positive impact on the...


Emily Ma (ASUO Program Administrator) commented on the poll Student Organization representative for the Program Finance Committee (PFC)


Manuel Mejia Gonzalez

When do we get to know the results?

Emily Ma (ASUO Program Administrator)

You have been selected as student organization representative for the PFC! Please check your email to start working ASAP.

University Committee Appointee Application 17-18

Thank you for your interest in serving on a University Committee. Please review the various available committees at the bottom of the page here . Our selection process, like our organization, is student-led. Once you submit this form, your application will be distributed to the University Affairs Commissioner for review.

Fill out this form completely, upload your resume, and then click submit.  Applications must be complete in order to be considered. Fill Out Form

Executive Co-Sponsorship Request 2017-2018

This form is for ASUO-recognized student organizations to request funding support from the ASUO Executive for event/programs/initiatives that meet the ASUO's mission "to provide for the social, cultural, educational and physical development of its members, and for the advancement of their individual and collective interests both within and outside the University".

Deadline? Request will be accepted through 11:59pm on May 17, 2018. Requests may take up to 1-2 weeks to...

Fill Out Form

Student Organization PFC Representative Nomination

This SO representative for PFC is a very important role that advocates for the needs of student organizations in the budget process. You can nominate someone you think would be great in the role or you can nominate yourself. The person who takes on this role must:

Be an active member of a student organization (attends regular meetings or is part of the leadership of the organization) Be willing to work on a committee that meets for weekly meetings, works long hours during the end...

Program Council Meeting

Wednesday, Apr 12, 3 pm
Gerlinger 302

Hello ASUO Programs!  I hope your term has started well! We have our first spring Programs Council Meeting schedules for the 12th of April in the Gerlinger building, room 302 at 3p.m. to 4:20p.m. Please note that these meeting are mandatory and every program must send a representative. Please make sure to contact me if you have any concerns.  Programs Council Meetings are the perfect time to share on going issues that effect student groups as a whole, so if you have any on going issues...

Will you be attending?

Tuition Lingo Bingo

Monday, Nov 28, 7 pm
Straub 145

The ASUO Executive is excited to announce its next event: Tuition Lingo Bingo. Learn about the tuition setting process and statewide lobbying efforts that rely on student input. Gain a better understanding while enjoying the great game of bingo and free food!

Will you be attending?