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Welcome to the Student Alumni Association! This new organization is created to build the bridge between students and alumni. The possibilities of this organization are limitless! As a new board we are seeking students interested to take our first year beyond our goals. The Student Alumni Association Board will work hand in hand with the Department of Alumni Relations and the Alumni Association Board. Let this be your chance to make a difference!  

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The UIW Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an organization created to build the bridge between students and alumni. The opportunities of being in the SAA are limitless; networking with alumni, creating a mentor-mentee relationship between alumni, access to 32,000+ alumni around the globe and first hand experience with the current alumni board association.


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Department of Alumni Relations

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Where can students find your office on campus?

McCracken House
102 Mt. Erin Pass
San Antonio, TX 78212
*Behind Feik School of Pharmacy