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Welcome to the Student Pianist Organization!

If you play, would like to play or enjoy listening to the piano, this organization is for you!

We exist to serve the pianist community at Tech and provide resources for practice opportunities. Please take a look through our profile to learn more about our goals and membership process.

If you have any questions or comments, drop us an email at!

Portal Information


PianoForte (the Student Pianist Organization) is a student-run organization that was re-established in the Fall of 2018. It creates a network for solo pianists on campus and works towards increasing accessible practice opportunities for its members.

Our hopes in creating this organization are to serve as the ultimate resource for anyone who plays, wishes to play, or enjoys listening to the piano and to enrich the culture of Georgia Tech by working with Administration and Faculty to disperse publically accessible pianos throughout campus.

The PianoForte executive committee is actively working towards increasing practice opportunities for the pianist community by seeking access to inaccessible, on-campus pianos and also by sourcing piano donations to bring to Tech, such as the recent instalment of the West Village piano.


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Meeting Day

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  • Wednesday
Meeting Time

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3:15 PM

Meeting Location

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Student Center (Room 332, otherwise announced on Slack)

Selection Process/Membership Requirements

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Membership is open to anyone interested in the organization. Please note that you can be as involved as you want to be; there is no required time commitment.

Students can become members by joining our OrgSync. It is encouraged to register on our Slack workspace for inter-organizational communications and receiving updates by clicking the website link on our Orgsync Home Page.

Dues will be set at the beginning of each semester. There are currently no dues for the semester.

Organization Email

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What are three goals your organization has for this year?

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1. Initiate strong alliances within Tech Administration and Faculty to quantify support for the organization's endeavors.
2. Locate and create a comprehensive historical timeline for pianos on campus and seek access to each piano.
3. Establish campus representation for students who play or wish to play the piano.